So you are ready to buy a home, but you just graduated college, or just got married. Maybe you just had a baby and you are outgrowing your current home. Your parents are breathing down your neck to finally become an adult and become a homeowner. You see your friends buying their homes and taking advantage of increased equity with property values rising as they have been. You are tired of paying rent and making your landlord richer every month. Then you start to think “I just graduated, I do not have two year employment history. I cannot be approved for a home loan!”  I have a program for you if your current job is what you went to school for. Ready to move on up, to the east side, in a deluxe condo in the sky? I have a program for you. Parents bugging you to buy a home? Ask for a gift to use towards the down payment. Do you want to start contributing to your retirement other than what you do with your employer? Invest in real estate. Historically it has been a safe bet. Even for those who experienced the crash, like I did. As long as they kept the home, they now have equity again, like me. You see, I bought my first home (plus six more) at your age from 2005-2012. Yes, I survived the 2008 mortgage crash. That is good news for you, since I am wiser now, and can advise you, along with your real estate agent.

Check out these loan programs that may work for you:

  1. HomeReady
  2. Home Possible
  3. FHA
  4. USDA
  5. VA
  6. Chenoa Down payment assistance FHA program