Baby Boomers

You are a product of WWII ending in 1945. Your elementary days were during the “years of innocence” during the 50’s when Elvis introduced Rock n’ Roll, and when western movies were all the rage. You may have witnessed your parents building bomb shelters during the cold war, and learning to “duck and cover” became standard in schools. However, what really defined you was the sixties. The music, social changes, hair changes, protesting, civil rights movements, the assassinations of JFK and MLK, all with flowers in your hair while marching to the beat of rock n’ roll. In the seventies, you pushed the Bill of Rights, Women’s Rights, and civil rights.

Because of you, we are a better country.  I want the honor to assist you in planning your next chapter in your fantastic life. We can go over several programs that may best fit your needs. One of them being a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgages have gotten a bad rap in the past, but this program has changed to benefit you, and to live off the equity you have earned in your home while protecting enough to pass on to your heirs. You can also purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage. Call or email today to set up a time to meet with my reverse mortgage specialist and me. Bring your heirs as well since they will want to know the details!